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Guide to Opening a Virtual Ghost Kitchen | Part 1: The New Digital Economy | DH106

How to Open a Ghost Kitchen Audio Guide - Part 1

The future of food and the future of hospitality is in your hand — the smartphone.

In this first part of a roundtable discussion series presented on the Clubhouse audio app, the expert Digital Hospitality panel and guests dig into what it takes to open a Ghost Kitchen or Virtual Restaurant.

How do you start joining the new digital economy? Do you want to learn how to open your own Ghost Kitchen brand or Virtual Restaurant concept? Find out in this podcast.

Learn more in Part 1 of this 2021 Guide to Ghost Kitchens

Check out this discussion about the new economy of food entrepreneurship in the digital age hosted by a panel of hospitality industry insiders.


• Jensen Cummings – @chefjensencummings
• Shawn Walchef – @shawnpwalchef @calibbq @calibbqmedia
• Kyle Inserra – @kyleinserra
• Michellee Fox – @michelleefox
• Katie Fisco – @chechefisco
• Keshia Garza – @keshg

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