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The Importance of Going All-in on Digital Marketing

Going All in on Digital at Cali Comfort BBQ

If you’re a business owner in 2019, one of the most important things you can do right now today is look at your presence on the Internet and your digital marketing.

How are you showing up in search results on Google, how are you showing up on the Apple phone in Safari, how are you showing up in a Yahoo search? When people search for the name of your business or your product, how are you being presented?

Do yourself a favor and find out because it’s very important.

As you can tell from this video shot at Cali Comfort BBQ, our restaurant is nowhere near other popular entertainment spots like downtown San Diego, the Gaslamp, and the Pacific Ocean.

We love our village of Spring Valley, but we needed to make sure people from outside our community discover us easier. And that meant having a strong digital presence online.

That’s why we believe in Digital Hospitality.

Evolution is important for any business, no matter your industry or size. Cali BBQ has changed its sign multiple times over its many years in business, for example. Recently the restaurant just underwent a website redesign too. Mithril Media designed this whole website to be mobile first.

“It was California Comfort when we first opened. Then we chopped it like Tupac would do to Cali”, owner and podcast host Shawn Walchef said from the roof of his restaurant as he overlooked East San Diego County. “It was easier to market. Cali Comfort. And then we became a BBQ restaurant: Cali Comfort BBQ.”

“And now we’ve transformed to Cali BBQ Media,” he added about his company’s digital transformation. “Always Be Changing. Always be ready to pivot. The most important thing right now is to go all-in on the Internet, all-in on digital marketing.”

Digital Hospitality: A Cali BBQ Media Podcast

That’s why we are publishing a weekly podcast called Digital Hospitality. Every week, Shawn Walchef interviews different brands and personalities who are helping, not just restaurant and bar owners, but small business owners, have a larger voice.

Right now it’s hard for small business owners. Let us be your guide to adapting towards a digital future.

“Amazon is killing everybody, Netflix is killing everybody, the phone and digital is where you have to focus,” Shawn Walchef said. “We don’t have all the answers… we’re just on the journey and we want to help share the behind the scenes of what we learn.”

Making Restaurant Content for TikTok

Recently Shawn Walchef and the Digital Hospitality video crew from Blue Vision Entertainment in San Diego, recorded a day’s worth of social media videos, specifically for TikTok. Marketing for TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, or other online destinations is a great way to build an engaged audience and grow your brand online.

One of Shawn Walchef’s videos on TikTok featuring Lisa Ann eating Cali BBQ brisket has been seen by more than 300,000 people. Another 1 minute video posted by Digital Hospitality producer Stover has already racked up 115,000 views, and has been watched for more than 1,200 hours.

“We’re going to repurpose the TikTok videos, we’re going to use them for Instagram stories, we’re going to use them for IGTV, we’re going to use them for Facebook, Twitter.”

You name it, we’re going to use it because it’s important that people know who we are. Because we’re trying to sell BBQ online.

We’re here to help, if you have questions ask us. We have amazing resources and we want to help you. Email us at

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