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Give Back to Help Orikhiv in Ukraine Defend Itself From Invasion

Building in Orikhiv, Ukraine after Russian attack in March 2022

You can help the town of Orikhiv in Ukraine protect itself from invasion by making a donation today.

We have a close friend originally from Ukraine who now lives in San Diego who reached out and asked for help.

A friend of hers in Orikhiv is currently volunteering to buy much-needed items for those fighting back against Russian attacks on their small town.


YOU CAN DONATE by sending money to on the PayPal app.


“My little home town is fighting so bravely.”

Residents of Orikhiv, Ukraine look at an apartment building where some windows were shot out in March 2022

Money donated has been pledged to go to purchasing necessary items for local defense forces and soldiers in the region of Orikhiv.

Those items include: bullet-proof vests, balaclavas, two-way radios, phone chargers, helmets, blankets, logs for trenches and more.


How to Donate:

If you have the means and want to donate to a cause that will directly help those who are fighting back against Russian occupation, please send money to on the Paypal app. 

You can also send a direct message on social media with any questions to @shawnpwalchef or @rosetoboseto.


Building in Orikhiv, Ukraine after Russian attack in March 2022

Other towns in that region of Ukraine have already been occupied and there are battles every day and night, our friend Marina Wolff wrote in her plea for help. Her parents were visiting from the Ukraine when Russia invaded and are now refugees in San Diego.

Orikhiv is a city in Zaporizhzhia Oblast, Ukraine. There are around 14,000 who live there.

“Hopefully they protect my town so my parents could go home one day.”

Thank you so much to those who have already donated and to those who are planning to give back to a good cause.

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