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Digital Hospitality Podcast Review | Barbecue News Magazine

Digital Hospitality: A Cali BBQ Media Podcast

Cali BBQ Media’s Digital Hospitality series is a top business and barbecue podcast according to a review in the Barbecue News Magazine.

BBQ Podcast Guru Ben Arnot (himself a BBQ businessman with the Smoking Hot Confessions podcast and more) wrote the 2021 review in his regular Barbecue News Magazine column.

Recording the Cali BBQ Media podcast "Digital Hospitality"

“Digital Hospitality episodes are conversations for the super curious – those who want to know the thought processes behind inspirational humans who have built something that leaves a lasting legacy.” -Ben Arnot

BBQ News Magazine Podcast Review

Read the Digital Hospitality Podcast Review by Ben Arnot 

Featured in the Barbecue News Magazine

There are not many BBQ podcasts out there that have the pedigree of Digital Hospitality. Beginning life as Behind the Smoke, hosts Shawn P. Walchef and Derek Marso were never afraid to ask the big questions and dive into the most intimidating of topics. And the reasons for this was simple. Both hosts were lifelong business owners in the BBQ and hospitality industries.

Shawn Walchef is the founder of Cali BBQ and Derek Marso is the founder of Valley Farm Market — both robust businesses that Walchef and Marso nursed through inception, birth and growth well beyond that dreaded two-year mark where most businesses fail. Throughout the first two years of the show they explored topics that others feared because they had lived through those experiences themselves and had guests on their show who had as well. Together they combined their knowledge and experience to help their listeners who may have been facing these same issues.

At the 99 episode mark, their hard work was realized with the duo taking out the “Best Audio Series” award at the National BBQ and Grilling Association’s annual Awards of Excellence in 2018. And so it was that they used their 100th Episode to reflect on the journey they had taken, the NBBQA awards, and announced that the show was going to be taking a new direction. Marso would be leaving the show, and the show itself would be rebranded Digital Hospitality. It would become the cornerstone of Walchef’s latest venture: Cali BBQ Media.

The style of the show would be best described as honest conversations between business owners. Guests include owners of BBQ restaurants, catering businesses, bbq event organizers and other notable barbecue influencers and media personalities to learn how they best tell their stories digitally. And the topics are deep — getting to the heart of the true issues that we face in this BBQ business. They talk about mental health, physical health, spiritual health, fatherhood, substance abuse, and other pain points while learning the best business lessons and daily habits from their guests.

In short, the Digital Hospitality episodes are conversations for the super curious – those who want to know the thought processes behind inspirational humans who have built something that leaves a lasting legacy.

Episodes of the Digital Hospitality podcast are published every Thursday. There are almost 200 episodes available, including the entire Behind The Smoke back catalogue, and each episode averages 45 minutes in length. You can track them down on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts. Alternatively, you can head on over to the website and track them down there too. Trust me you’re gonna love it!

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