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Cocktails To Go Will Continue in California… For Now. | The Rebound (ABC10 News) featuring Cali BBQ

ABC 10 News Segment June 2021 Cocktails to Go

Cocktails To Go are here to stay in California. For now. 

That’s exciting news for restaurants and bars who were able to keep their doors open during the pandemic thanks to loosened regulations for California dining, including not just takeout cocktails but expanded outdoor seating.

If you find yourself searching for To Go Cocktails Near Me, then you’ll be happy to find out that the state of California will continue to allow people to buy alcoholic beverages to go from their favorite restaurants.

Slam Diego Cocktail at Cali BBQ in San Diego

The Governor of California announced that restaurants continue to sell alcoholic drinks to go past the June 15 reopening date for the state.

ABC 10 News Reporter in San Diego Laura Acevedo (@laura_acevedo) reported on the state decision during a June 2021 San Diego news segment on The Rebound.

Before March 2020 it was illegal to sell cocktails to go in California. The change in law was a lifeline for restaurants and bars like Cali BBQ during one of the toughest years ever in the hospitality industry.

Thought many people can make their own cocktails at home, you also realize that there are few people better at making you drinks than your favorite local bartender.

Buying drinks to go lets you support the craft of bartending while being able to enjoy a to-go cocktail from your own home.

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Cocktails to go at Cali Comfort BBQ near San Diego



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