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How to Turn Your Business into Media Company: Coaching Call with David Meltzer

In This Episode

Interview Takeaways

  1. Aligning Behavior with Goals – David Meltzer believes that the gap between aspirations and success is only closed by taking actions that coincide with what will create success. For Meltzer, that also requires a level of humility to ask for help when needed.
  2. “It’s Who’s in the Neighborhood” – In the age of social media, the number of followers is often considered an indicator of success. David Meltzer, however, believes that it isn’t the amount of people in your community, but the qualities the community members bring.
  3. Empty Milers v. Extra Milers – David Meltzer is contacted to use his expertise for consultation often. Before helping, though, he ensures those seeking his help are empty milers, as opposed to extra milers.

Aligning Behavior and Goals

In the pursuit of success, according to author, speaker, and entrepreneur David Meltzer, the crucial element lies in aligning one’s behavior with the goals one aspires to achieve. He highlights the key factors to bridge this gap—wisdom, mentorship, faith, and, most importantly, humility.

“Behavior that’s aligned with where you want to be, or better, creates a distance between you and what you want or better.” Meltzer shares with host Shawn Walchef of Cali BBQ Media, where he has been a frequent guest. “We don’t know what we don’t know.”

Quality Over Quantity

Meltzer’s philosophy extends beyond individual success to the concept of community and networking. In the age of social media, where follower count often defines success. For him, the essence lies not in the quantity of people within one’s community but in the quality they bring.

“My neighborhood, my community, regardless of its size, is a community of people, a neighborhood of people that for a lifetime will buy from each other and sell for each other.”

Going the Extra Mile

Another dimension of Meltzer’s approach involves distinguishing between “empty milers” and “extra milers” in the quest for guidance and collaboration. Meltzer ensures that those seeking his expertise are “empty milers,” individuals committed to putting in the necessary effort and dedication.

“When people ask me, Dave, I want to start a podcast, I’m like, terrific, get ten in the can. At least I put them into the top 1%. And I also see whether they’re an empty miler or an extra miler.”

In times of economic challenge, he notes that “empty milers” tend to thrive, benefiting from their dedication and understanding of the essential principles.

“I want to resonate with people that I can help and know people that I can help. Because my neighborhood, my community, regardless of its size, is a community of people, a neighborhood of people that for a lifetime will buy from each other and sell for each other.”

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Digital Hospitality is an interview-based video podcast hosted by business owner Shawn P. Walchef (@shawnpwalchef) and produced by his Cali BBQ Media company. The weekly digital series explores the ways successful businesses and entrepreneurs have merged old and new with innovative digital strategies that harness the power of the Internet and social media. Shawn is the founder of Cali BBQ Media and creator of the Restaurant Influencers podcast on Entrepreneur Media.

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