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Cali BBQ has Cocktails To Go

Cocktails to go at Cali Comfort BBQ near San Diego

Cali BBQ has 32 oz cocktails to go and craft beers for you to take home with your meal.

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Cali BBQ Cocktails To Go

Growler Cocktails for Takeout at Cali Comfort BBQ

Pick up one of our classic sharable cocktails to go. You’ll still always get your own Rubber Ducky to float on the top, too. Some recent selections include our Melon Margarita, Birthday Booze, Easter Egg, and the popular Tiger King spicy cocktail.

You can also pick up a 32 oz Growler of beer from our huge selection of Craft Beers and Draft classics.

Alcoholic Drinks to Go at Cali Comfort BBQ in Spring Valley

Being a neighborhood sports bar for more than a decade allowed Cali BBQ bartenders to serve some amazing guests, who have become part of our extended family.

Serving our speciality cocktails to go has allowed us to provide you, our guests, a happy hour experience at home.

The fact that so many people are sharing our cocktails at home with each other reinforces why neighborhood bars like ours are so vital to the American way of life. We are proud to be able to continue helping our community enjoy quality drinks and food from the comfort and safety of home.

Thank you to everyone who has posted photos of their drinks and food on social media.

You can continue to support Cali Comfort BBQ during this difficult time in the restaurant industry by continuing to do what you’ve always done — buying our craft food and cocktails.

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Let us know what you’d like to see us serve next!


— Shawn and Rositsa Walchef



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