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Planning a Coast to Coast BBQ Road Trip

Planning a Coast to Coast BBQ Road Trip?

Barbecue — It’s a word that will make you drool just by reading it. Much like blue jeans and baseball, this cultural staple is quintessential to being an American. In almost all other countries, the practice of smoking meat has many analogues, but barbecue, especially as it exists here in the states is unique. This cuisine, craft, and arguably a way of life, is found everywhere from high-end establishments to road side dives across the country.

In fact, barbecue is so loved, we can’t mutually decide on a name for it. BBQ, barbeque, Bar-B-Que, smokehouse, barbie, the hog — whatever you want to call is — is different in every restaurant and each region boasts their own style. It’s the highlight of many food competitions and expert pit masters exist in a constant state of battle for for the title of “best bbq.” So with new BBQ lists being published each year, how do you even choose which smokehouses, roadside joints and restaurants to visit?

Yes, we know that “the best” barbecue is a rather subjective statement, but to help you establish where to start on your carnivore journey, CarRentals put together this guide on making a BBQ road trip across America, so you taste your way from state to state and everywhere in between.

Written by Keilah Keiser – Car Rentals


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