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Reinvesting In Your Family Business – Melvin and Davin Atallah of BBQ House OB

BBQ House Bar and Grill owners on the Digital Hospitality podcast

Melvin Atallah and Davin Atallah of The BBQ House Bar & Grill (@bbqhouseob) in Ocean Beach, California are brothers who have worked hard to realize the dream that most children have at one point in their lives: to help their parents retire.

The owners of the BBQ House in Ocean Beach outside the barbecue restaurant

Check out this Digital Hospitality podcast interview with the owners of BBQ House OB to learn about the importance of reinvesting in your business, practicing patience and consistency, and the benefits of a helpful restaurant partner like US Foods.



Interview Takeaways:

  • Reinvesting is a Must – The BBQ House Bar & Grill is a San Diego-area staple and a family business that stretches back three decades. Melvin and Davin Atallah know that reinvesting and improving the business is mandatory for sustaining and expanding that community affinity.
  • US Food Partner Relationship – Davin and Melvin Atallah have relied heavily on classic word of mouth marketing for their business. In order to receive those raving reviews from patrons, they work with US Foods to help with everything from nutrition facts to consulting on any questions that may arise in regular restaurant operations.
  • The Recipe for Success Includes Patience and Consistency – Nobody relates to the difficulties of the restaurant business more than Melvin and Davin Atallah. Their family business has found sustained success through patience and consistently high standards

The BBQ House Bar & Grill

Melvin and Davin Atallah embody Digital Hospitality.

Abdul, the Atallah family patriarch, started The BBQ House Bar & Grill in the San Diego area back in 1991. But his initial business partner wanted to sell the Ocean Beach barbecue restaurant when it struggled for five or so years.

Abdul Atallah believed in the family BBQ business. Instead of closing the restaurant, he scraped together the money needed to buy his partner out and keep the doors open.

Abdul bet on himself and it paid off. Just months after buying his partner out, The BBQ House would receive the break it needed when a local San Diego news segment known as The Unknown Eater visited the restaurant for a feature.

The Atallah brothers began working in the restaurant in their early teens. The hands-on experience they gained has proven to be invaluable to running the business nowadays.

Melvin and Davin work with the same tenacity that their father continues to embody in his alleged retirement. Like all hard workers, it’s hard to get Abdul to truly “retire.” The brothers, much like their father still is, are both at the restaurant regularly to ensure operations are running smoothly and orderly.

“It’s always been owner-operated, hands-on events,” explains Davin of the family business approach. “The place is not going to run as smoothly as you want it unless you’re there. You know? You’re giving the love. You’re giving the authenticity of your product.”

Restaurant partners like US Foods (a sponsor of this podcast episode) have helped take the business to the next level by providing help and assistance in so many ways.

US Foods white logo

Love. Authenticity. Family. 

Those are the classic pillars that have made The BBQ House Bar & Grill a landmark in Ocean Beach and help continue to push the brand forward as they increase their digital reach to grow their restaurant into the future.

– Feature article by Cali BBQ Media’s TJ Void (@tjvoid). Email TJ at

BBQ House OB

Melvin and Davin Atallah are the sons of Abdul Atallah, original cofounder of The BBQ House Bar & Grill in Ocean Beach, California. After opening the doors in 1991 the family business initially struggled to survive. That is until a news segment would change its fortunes forever. Having been tasked to work in the business from young ages, the Atallah brothers developed a keen understanding of its inner workings.

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