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The BBQ Must Go On | Feeding Navy Sailors After The Big Flag Practice for Holiday Bowl

Holiday Bowl Navy Catering Video by Cali BBQ in San Diego

Even though the Holiday Bowl 2021 game was canceled right before it was set to kick off, the BBQ MUST GO ON.

At Cali BBQ we always do everything we can to feed as many people our slow-smoked barbecue as we can.


Cali BBQ donated a catered BBQ meal for 250 hungry sailors who were practicing unfurling The Big Flag before the SDCCU Holiday Bowl in San Diego. The practice and BBQ catering was held at Naval Station San Diego.

Cali BBQ Catering for the Navy in San Diego in December 2021

The Holiday Bowl game between UCLA Bruins and NC State Wolfpack was canceled but there were still hundreds of service members at the 32nd Street Naval Base and others at the event to feed.

Holiday Bowl 2021:

Of course we were ready to go with slow-smoked barbecue and classic BBQ sides: Slow Food — Fast.

Spreading the love of barbecue with Cali BBQ catering in San Diego. Here sailors enjoy BBQ catering before the Holiday Bowl 2021

We were happy to serve them just like they serve us.


• Cali BBQ Catering :


WATCH ON YOUTUBE : How Cali BBQ Fulfilled a Huge Catering Order for UCLA

What do you do when you’ve got a huge food order to cater for the UCLA Bruins program but very little time to do it? You buckle up and make it happen!

Cali BBQ Pitmaster Derrick Walz shared the “behind the smoke” story of how our expert San Diego catering team pulled off a big, last-minute order for the UCLA football team and their staff after the canceled Holiday Bowl 2021.


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