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STAGE THEORY: Aspire Tour behind-the-scenes in San Diego

Aspire Tour Blog

Live from the Aspire Tour, its founders and speakers dig into the importance of live events when spreading influence


Investing in the Customer Experience – 
Aspire is built by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs. Aspire Tour events are a place for all to come and be served with valuable access to knowledge.

Finding Inspirational Speakers – 
With a roster that includes Kevin Hart, Bethenny Frankel, Magic Johnson, and more, the founders for Aspire are bombarded with inquiries to step onstage. They have learned to vet the great ones and provide value.

The Power of Live Events – 
As a speaker at Aspire, Jesse Itzler and other inspirational leaders have seen how the live experience serves entrepreneurs beyond expectations.

Aspirations have driven some of the world’s greatest entrepreneurs to achieve tremendous succes

The Aspire Tour was created to take top minds to the next level.

The touring event is like a rock concert where you learn to be better financially, professionally, and personally. It was co-founded by Eddie Wilson and Andrew Cordle, each incredible entrepreneurs in their own right.

Aspire gathers some of the world’s most powerful, influential business minds and speakers under one roof for transformational speeches, inspiration, and networking. 

Depending on the event they attend, guests have the chance to hear from powerhouses, like Gary Vaynerchuk, Magic Johnson, Drew Brees, Barbara Corcoran, and Kendra Scott.

“I think it’s for us, it’s all about the customer experience,” says Andrew Cordle. “The more that we can invest in the customer, the more that we can give back to the person coming here.”

Wilson and Cordle combined forces with serial entrepreneur and philanthropist Dan Fleyshman in 2023. Together they formed Collective Influence (along with Elevator Studio CEO Joey Carson) with plans to take Aspire to greater heights and increase its already massive reach. 

More than 60,000 people are expected to take part in Aspire events in 2024.

“We’ve been doing 2,000… 5,000… 3,000 people. We’re jumping up to 10,000 people next year. All across the nation, in big cities, coming everywhere,” Eddie Wilson said.

Aspire Tour:

Cali BBQ Media founder Shawn Walchef visited the Aspire Tour in San Diego to speak to the organizers and host of other influential business people, including Jesse Itzler and David Meltzer, Jake Havron and Emily Ford their individual journeys to the Aspire stage.

For business guru and motivational maven Jesse Itzler, live gatherings provide an experience that can’t be duplicated by online events.

“I don’t think you don’t get the emotion through watching stuff that you do when it’s live. And the energy, the crowd networking, the reaction, the emotion, the heat, the whole thing. There’s nothing like that.” expressed Jesse Itzler about the power of live events.

Already sold out at every previous stops, the Aspire Tour will be in Dallas before making its way to Los Angeles, Denver, and Miami. The Aspire team is even planning a huge event at New York’s famous Madison Square Garden arena for the end of 2024.

As Aspire speaker David Meltzer explains about his Stage Theory: “Shakespeare said, the whole world is your stage. But the irony of it wasn’t true until now.”

“So if you understand the size, scope, and scale of an audience — if you realize how many people that resonate with you exist — then you can access those people.”


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