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Alcohol To Go is Temporary, You Can Help Change the Law

Alcohol to Go at Cali BBQ near San Diego

We’ve heard nothing but support for cocktails to go from our guests. 

Your enthusiasm has been incredibly encouraging for our talented team who have done a great job creating and crafting inventive and tasty drinks for you to take home and enjoy with your slow-smoked barbecue feast.

Drinks To Go at Cali Comfort BBQ

We’ve been selling 32oz Growlers of Cocktails and Craft Beer ever since the California Alcoholic Beverage Control agency gave temporary regulatory relief for licensed restaurants like ours to begin selling alcohol-to-go in a safe and convenient way.

It could all change if the law isn’t changed.

That will take serious effort.

Can you help us on the mission to make to-go alcohol sales permanent? We want businesses like Cali BBQ to still be able to sell cocktails to go so people can take it home with food and drink in a safe way at home.

Cali BBQ Alcohol to Go in Spring Valley

On Cali BBQ’s Digital Hospitality podcast, we spoke with California Alcoholic Beverage Control Public Information Officer John Carr about the agency’s help providing some relief to those who were devastated by COVID-19 and the mandatory shutdown.

A state agency like Alcoholic Beverage Control cannot make laws. That’s up to the state legislature.

In order to make alcohol to go sales permanent in California, enough people have to get enough momentum flowing that the wave of feedback reaches the Capitol legislative process on way to becoming law.

“We certainly heard a lot of people say that they want to want to keep these things,” John Carr of the ABC said on the Digital Hospitality podcast. “But the reality is that these things are temporary because ABC cannot change the law by itself or a regulatory agency. The law has to get changed by the Legislature.”

Find your local California state representatives here and let them know you want a law allowing restaurants and businesses to be able to sell alcoholic drinks to go permanently.

Thank you for your support for us and other family run small businesses who are doing everything they can to be able to continue to serve you the best food and drinks we can craft every day.


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