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#084: A Foodie For Thought – The Promiscuous Fork

Craig Sewall – Promiscuous Fork – @promiscuousfork – La Jolla, CA

Podcast recorded live above the butcher shop at Valley Farm Market in Spring Valley, California.

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Craig Sewall is the owner of Promiscuous Fork, a casual foodie restaurant dedicated to enticing taste buds by blending simple fresh ingredients together to create unique and original dishes.
Since opening Promiscuous Fork in 2006 with partner Ray Penfield; the intent was to create a non-pretentious foodie restaurant with a comfortable local feel.
Craig describes having to “figure it out” and the other hardships he faced managing the restaurant after Ray passed away.
The impact of La Jolla tourism and how it helps the Promiscuous Fork profits stay within $200 each week, year-over-year.
The transition from commodity to craft and how buyers have begun to seek higher quality food.

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Shareable Quotes:

“It's not about the price, it's about quality for me.” {32:16} – Craig Sewall
“After meeting the Murfeys, it was a very easy for us to know that they wanted us as much as we wanted them and that it was going to be a relationship where we work together. If you don't have that with your landlord, if they don't want your success, and they just want to transactional, like don't talk to me, just email me in the rent or your least money, it's never gonna work.” {16:03} – Derek Marso
“We're going to ingrain ourselves in that community and give back as much as we can do whatever we can.” {28:25} – Derek Marso
“”I'm excited to have you guys as a neighbor for sure. Yeah, we'll definitely get you hooked up. ” {33:48} – Derek Marso
“Along the road you're going to learn, you're going to bump your head, you're going to, there's going to be roadblocks. There's going to be things that happen.” {37:12} – Craig Sewall

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