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#072: The Self-Taught One Man Barbecue Team – Moe Cason BBQ

Big Moe Cason on Behind The Smoke Podcast

Moe Cason – Moe Cason BBQ – @Moecasonbbq – Des Moines, IA

Podcast recorded live above the butcher shop at Valley Farm Market in Spring Valley, California.

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Born and raised in Des Moines, Moe Cason is a U.S. Navy veteran who turned his passion for BBQ into a way of life.
Being self-taught, Moe’s love for BBQ began at an early age developing on the skills and authentic ingredients passed down from his grandmother Margaret Cason.
To raise money to buy his first smoker, Moe worked for a full year and paid out of pocket to renovate and sell his house.
Honing his skills as a pitmaster gave Moe the opportunity to be a contestant, judge, and star on Destination America’s Pitmaster’s and BBQ Pit Wars.
Moe discusses barbecue family and how a generous $20,000 check helped him bottle his first barbecue sauce.

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Shareable Quotes:

“I’m gonna cook what I like and then you can judge it for what it is. If it ends up 25th place brisket so be it, but when I get in the top 10 it’s me! {22:32} – Moe Cason
“When I fire up my stick burner, I am there from the beginning until the very end. But doing that has taught me how to manage. I can cook in subzero weather and know how to make adjustments.” {24:30} – Moe Cason
“Business always starts off with friendship. When someone wants to get into business with you it’s because you’re friends with them.” {35:55} – Moe Cason
“What else brings people from every race and religion together more than BBQ?” {43:17} – Derek Marso
“If you the smartest person in the room. Get out of there and go to the next room. {55:45} – Moe Cason

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